Live Room

Pictured with overdub stations setup for guitar & bass, piano, vocals, percussions. The space sounds great, and room mics are installed where they sound best.

Control Room

View from the control room, showing off the studio’s 1979 Trident TSM console.

Iso Booth

Pictured with a Vibro Champ, isolated from the live room. The booth is heavily dampened and great for dialogue or whisper-quiet vocals.

Rack Gear

Great analog gear – preamps, EQs, compressors, and other rack-mounted effects.


Some of the studio’s many amps, from high-powered Marshall and Mesa rigs to low-watt combos like the Fender Champ. Bass amps too!


All the studio standards, including great mics from Neumann, AKG, and more; and high-end reproductions of vintage tube mics.


The studio’s lovingly refurbished, and incredible sounding, 1929 Cable Piano Company compact upright.

Trident TSM

Iconic vintage console, formerly owned by CBC Quebec! 32 transformer-balanced mic/line inputs with EQ.